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Irish Newsletter_05_17

See what a busy month April was and what a lot of fun we had in this issue! Lots of pixs from the Club Picnic at the Landings the Summer Birthdays and more . . .

Irish Newsletter_04_17

Is there any other month in the year when everyone is Irish? Check out the St. Patrick’s Day photos from the beach.. what a great day!

Irish Newsletter_03_17

February saw the club swing into full action with everyone from the north finally reaching a warm climate – almost, and each one of them wanting to know what we were doing for St. Patrick’s day and we told them . . . check it out here!  Also see the pictures from our best event all year – “The Hooley!”  

Irish Newsletter_02_17

The New Year begins. Find out when and where The Hooley will take place and see what else is coming up in the near future.

Irish Newsletter_01_17

Check out the pictures of the Irish Christmas Party – Enjoy!

Irish Newsletter_12_16

The pictures of the November Thanksgiving Dinner General Meeting.

Irish Newsletter_11_16

Did we have have fun at our Halloween Costume party?  Boy, you bet, and these pics will confirm it.  Have a look . . . the theme was “Clowns”!

Irish Newsletter_10_16

Check out Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day photos here.  It was a great party!

Irish Newsletter_09_16

Check out our summer event, “Christmas in July” and the Derby Party pictures here.   The new season begins! Check out the up-coming events for the new season.